13 Stamps of topic "Philosophy"

All 13 stamps of the topic "Philosophy" of the Deutschen Bundespost (german post BRD). The sort is in reverse chronological order, so the newest stamps are at the beginning.

Stamp: Hannah Arendt (Schriftstellerin, Philosophin)
Hannah Arendt (Schriftstellerin, Philosophin)
Stamp: Arthur Schopenhauer (Philosoph)
Arthur Schopenhauer (Philosoph)
Stamp: Albertus Magnus (Philosoph)
Albertus Magnus (Philosoph)
Stamp: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (Philosoph)
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (Philosoph)
Stamp: Martin Buber (Philosoph)
Martin Buber (Philosoph)
Stamp: Immanuel Kant (Philosoph), 1974
Immanuel Kant (Philosoph), 1974
Stamp: Friedrich Engels Publizist Sozialist
Friedrich Engels Publizist Sozialist
Stamp: Johann Amos Comenius (Philosoph, Theologe)
Johann Amos Comenius (Philosoph, Theologe)
Stamp: Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Philosoph)
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (Philosoph)
Stamp: Karl Marx (150. Geburtstag)
Karl Marx (150. Geburtstag)
Stamp: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz Philosoph Wissenschaftler
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz Philosoph Wissenschaftler
Stamp: Immanuel Kant (Philosoph)
Immanuel Kant (Philosoph)
Stamp: Avicenna Ibn Sina (Philosoph)
Avicenna Ibn Sina (Philosoph)