German Stamps - since 1949

Briefmarke: Bayern Einser unter Lupe
Stamp : Bayern
Einser unter Lupe

Stamps are amazing in many ways. On the one hand, stamps have a financial value. If you want to send a letter by mail, you use stamps to pay the transportation fee and documented. On the other hand stamps are a valuable investment. A lot of stamps are much more worth than they were when they were published. For this it is usually important if the stamps are stamped or not.

Stamps as an expression of cultural identity

Gustav Heinemann (150)
Stamp "Gustav
Heinemann (150)"

On another aspect is focused: the stamp as a cultural artefact. Stamps are usually painted or drawn works. Graphics or illustrations, little masterpieces, if you look closely. These images have almost invariably a high aesthetic quality. The artistic value of the stamps is too rarely appreciated in my eyes.

Briefmarke: Rotkehlchen

In addition Stamps document the cultural identity of a country - often they recognize outstanding events, persons or developments. Sometimes they sound a note, sometimes they serve to give pleasure. But always the motifs depicted are worth to be reflected intellectually. In the German Stamps, our cultural identity reflected. Those who deal with our stamps, recognizes the cultural foundation on which our society is based. Precisely this aspect that link: not the postage stamps as proof of payment, not the collector's item in the value of money-sense, but the stamp as branches matic substrate of a cultural nation.

Focus on images and topics

Therefore, the brands are here - different than usual - presented on a white background. While this complicates the assessment of the teeth (perforation), but it makes it easier to focus on the essentials. The fascinating thing about the stamps are not the prongs around the outside, but the images - the stamp images.

The latest stamps in the database

Stamp: 40 Jahre Genfer Flüchtlingskonvention
40 Jahre Genfer Flüchtlingskonvention
Stamp: Briefmarkenblock Luftpostausstellung Liliebthal 1991
Briefmarkenblock Luftpostausstellung Liliebthal 1991
Stamp: Otto Lilienthal
Otto Lilienthal
Stamp: Seeadler
Stamp: Ringelgans
Stamp: Zwergseeschwalbe
Stamp: Kampfläufer (Seevogel)
Kampfläufer (Seevogel)
Stamp: Weltgaskongress Berlin 1991
Weltgaskongress Berlin 1991
Stamp: Gaskandelaber (von K. F. Schinkel)
Gaskandelaber (von K. F. Schinkel)
Stamp: Wilhelm August Lampadius
Wilhelm August Lampadius
Stamp: Paul Wallot (Baumeister)
Paul Wallot (Baumeister)
Stamp: Ice Start Schnellzug
Ice Start Schnellzug

Why this stamps site?

Briefmarke: Feldhockey Männer (Olympia 1976)
Feldhockey Männer
(Olympia 1976)

If you are looking for specific stamps online, you often will not find it. Search result pages provide either insufficient information or are only available for a fee paying members. The best and most comprehensive freely available supplies can be found, as so often, at Wikipedia. The data of the stamps on as publication date, edition, etc. I have taken essentially there. Among the motives I have mostly done their own searching. The main shortcoming of the Wikipedia page is the lack of search and sort capability. If you want for example to filter all butterflies or all green stamps, there is no appropriate page to the Internet.

Briefmarke: Hlg. Elizabeth
Stamp :

The main emphasis of is in the pictures. Stamps than images whatsoever historical documents of contemporary history and often represent important events and personalities dar. This relationship is also important. The stamp is not just a postage stamp, but also a cultural asset. on the Historic Enzwicklung the stamps: "The invention of the postage stamp."

What are stamps worth?

Briefmarke: Heinrich von Stephan - Begründer des Weltpostvereins
75 Jahre Weltpostverein

Stamps of course have a "purchase value". Logical, because they have to pay. For this value, you can then send letters with Deutsche Post. However Stamps attain whatever a "collector's value". This value, which is estimated, for example, in the Michel catalog is dependent on supply and demand. It may be that one does not get a stamp that is specified in the Michel catalog with a specific collector value for this price. Conversely, it may also be that you can not is a separate brand for the price los specified there. It always depends on finding a suitable swap meet. More on the topic: "Purchase of Stamps / Stamp Dealers in Deustchland"

Why only German stamps?

Briefmarken-Ausstellung Wuppertal

The reason is simple: I have so far collected only German stamps (more about me see my artist homepage). When I was given by my grandfather 35 years ago my first little stamp album, I have kept the stamps for a dusty retired hobby. Over time, my image has changed from the stamp. I have many brands exchanged and bought added. Meanwhile, I have a - I think - pretty decent collection. There are still some gaps in 1953 - only in the first years of 1949. For completeness, however, I have taken the stamp images from Wikipedia. These are not only all mint, making them easier to see. They are there also in a very good image quality. However, I have reworked it for the most part color - the color values ​​are the same as my stamps.

Stamps (BRD) - Stamps-Bilder Deutschland

How can I use this stamp catalog?

There are of course many ways in which you can enter these pages. I recommend you first try it either on the basis of chronology. Or specifically to sort the brands. Search it but as times after works of art ... Have a good time. What you need to Stamp Collecting?

Deutsche Briefmarken
Deutsche Stamps (Vogelserie 1965)

Paint stamp images yourself


Do you like to paint their own stamp image? Then you can download or print this free printable stamp. These "blank" colorings of typical stamp frames are made for free use. So paint your designs on one of these stamp frames and the result immediately the character of a stamp. More on stamp coloring pages.

Briefmarke: 25 Jahre Bundesrepublik Deutschland
stamp: 25 Jahre Bundesrepublik Deutschland