8 Stamps of topic "Chemistry"

All 8 stamps of the topic "Chemistry" of the Deutschen Bundespost (german post BRD). The sort is in reverse chronological order, so the newest stamps are at the beginning.

Stamp: Wilhelm August Lampadius
Wilhelm August Lampadius
Stamp: Leopold Gmelin (Chemiker)
Leopold Gmelin (Chemiker)
Stamp: Harnstoff Molekül (Friedrich Wöhler)
Harnstoff Molekül (Friedrich Wöhler)
Stamp: Uran Kernspaltung (Nobelpreis Otto Hahn)
Uran Kernspaltung (Nobelpreis Otto Hahn)
Stamp: Chemische Formel (Chemiefaserforschung)
Chemische Formel (Chemiefaserforschung)
Stamp: Benzolformel von Friedrich August Kekulé
Benzolformel von Friedrich August Kekulé
Stamp: Justus von Liebig (Chemiker, Naturforscher)
Justus von Liebig (Chemiker, Naturforscher)
Stamp: Walter Nernst (Chemiker)
Walter Nernst (Chemiker)